Wayne Van Loon

Wayne rejoined Laurence Ferar & Associates in 2015, after having spent the past eight years working in the Bay Area as a Project Manager on highly detailed commercial renovation projects and as an owner’s representative, overseeing a $79m bond program for a local school district. His prior experience includes the design of wineries, tasting rooms, and high-end residential projects. Wayne’s diverse experience allows for a unique and valuable perspective into the holistic nature of architecture, design and construction. It is his interest in creating integrated designs that satisfy technical, budgetary and aesthetics for his clients that drives Wayne’s passion for architecture.


As a native of Dundee, Oregon, his involvement in wine-making began early and has continued for over 20 years. Wayne has worked for some of Oregon top producers. He has a depth of knowledge about the practical requirements needed for wineries, tasting rooms and other associated facilities that is unique in the architectural community. He has been an active volunteer at the International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC) for the past 20 years and has served on their Board of Directors. Additionally his passion for wine-making led Wayne to explore similar avenues; spending a season working harvest in Normandie learning the art of making traditional hard cider.



Portland State University

Bachelor of Science in Architecture/Architectural Project Management, 2001