Littorai Winery

Sebastopol, California


Planned for phased development, this winery features straw bale construction. The 21 inch thick walls offer R-50 insulation and 4-hour fire resistance. To maintain flexibility, owner/winemaker Ted Lemon chose to use movable rather than fixed fermenters. Loading and moving large tanks required particular attention to floor slopes and drain locations. Temporary barrel rooms are provided on both levels until a large cave and underground setting room can be completed. The cave will eventually be connected to the main winery by a stair to be excavated from below.


Completion: 2008


Client: Ted & Heidi Lemon


Size: 8,800 sf


Production: 8,000 cases Pinot Noir, Chardonnay


Project Team: Reed Lewis, Juergen Panoscha, Liz Hendricks, Larry Ferar


Contractor: Deeton & Stanley