House Spirits Distillery

Portland, Oregon


House Spirits Distillery is an industry leader in the America’s craft distilling movement.  This facility, located in the industrial Central Eastside, is an anchor of Portland’s famous Distillery Row.  The converted shed building has allowed House Spirits to increase their craft spirits production, making it the largest distilling operation in Oregon. Laurence Ferar & Associates was responsible for the design of all production spaces and overall coordination of the project. (Mackenzie was responsible for the building shell and Osmose Design for the tasting room interiors.)


Completion: 2015


Client: House Spirits Distillery


Size: 14,000 sf


Production: Craft Spirits (Gin, Aquavit, Vodka, Malt Whiskey & limited release small batch)


Project Team: Reed Lewis, Kathleen Haapala, Caitlin Poliak, Larry Ferar


Contractor: Lorentz Bruun Construction