Appassionata Vineyard / J. Christopher Wines

Newberg, Oregon


This multi- phased project began with the design of five, earth-sheltered cellars arrayed radially from a central work space. The cellars were built with pre-cast concrete barrel vaults using the “cut and cover” technique. The second phase included an elevated crush pad, separate red and white fermentation rooms, and a lab. The exterior walls are constructed of insulated tilt-up concrete panels. Both the tilt-ups and pre-cast vaults feature integrally colored concrete. The third phase, recently completed, includes offices, a tasting room, and large terrace.


Completion: Phase 1: 2010, Phase 2: 2011, Phase 3: 2017.


Client: Ernst Loosen and Jay Somers


Size: 15,000 sf


Production: 12,000 cases Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc


Project Team: Juergen Panoscha, Caitlin Poliak, Kathleen Haapala, Pip Allen, Larry Ferar


Contractor: Andrew Scott Construction