Firm Profile

Laurence Ferar & Associates has a long and successful track record producing the highest quality architectural and landscape designs, with a creative yet practical approach to meeting clients’ needs.


We are best known for our work in the wine industry, and have been involved in the planning and design of over 70 wineries worldwide. Our clients range from boutique producers to large public corporations, and include some of the most prestigious labels in the business. The firm’s projects have ranged from multi-level gravity-flow wineries on steep slopes to simple structures on flat ground.  We have designed production facilities for a broad range of varietals, for both still and sparkling wines, as well as distilleries.


Our entire senior staff has hands-on experience working harvest at local wineries, and understands the critical importance of efficient process-flow, good drainage systems, durable materials, and effective sanitation. We have visited hundreds of wineries in North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia talking with winemakers about their specific challenges and unique solutions.


As both architects and landscape architects, we pride ourselves on the holistic view we take of buildings and their site. Similar to the winemakers concept of terroir – the idea that a glass of wine reflects not only the vintage but also the unique combination of soil, exposure, and the climate where it was grown – we want our building to capture and convey the special sense of place inherent in the site. Our commitment to sustainability provides an opportunity to enhance our clients’ reputations as good stewards of the land.


The firm’s work has been showcased in publications around the world including Sunset, Wine Business Monthly, Practical Winery & Vineyard, Revue Des Oenologues (France), Kia Ora (New Zealand), and Cantine (Italy).